Monday, November 14, 2016

Gentle Oral Surgery

Gentle Oral Surgery
Oral surgery can be frightening to many people. That’s why it is so important to choose a dentist who practices gentle oral surgery for their patients. Gentle isn’t only about how the surgery itself feels, but how you feel going into any type of oral surgery including what we perform here:
  • Dental implant placement
  • Tooth extractions
Oral surgeries require a gentle touch and a calming presence. That’s what you will find when you choose Bergenfield Dental Associates.

How is Gentle Oral Surgery Different?
Our Bergenfield, NJ dentist, Dr. Ehab Shahid, understands the need for reassurance by a calm and gentle presence in the surgical suite. Dr. Shahid believes that it is up to him to make your oral surgery a more pleasant and comfortable experience. He wants you to feel comfortable leading up to the surgery as well as during the surgery. He offers opportunities for you to ask questions, get answers, and find reassurance that you are in very capable hands. Sedation is also available for patients who need a little more relaxation. We have multiple types of sedation for different surgeries and different patients. Our caring staff can also take their time during your appointment. Instead of rushing through to get you in and out as many dental offices can do, we will take our time with you and slow down the process if you need it.

Since dental implant placement requires a surgical incision and then insertion of the titanium implant, the process will be treated as oral surgery. There will be a three to six-month healing process afterward. If oral surgery in Bergenfield, NJ is in your future, it is worth taking a little time to make sure you are as comfortable about the decision as you are with the person performing the surgery.

Dr. Ehab Shahid encourages you to contact Bergenfield Dental Associates with any questions you have about oral surgery so that you can feel more comfortable and confident throughout the process. Call Bergenfield Dental Associates today at 201-384-0100 or toll-free at (877) 987-SMILE.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Good dentistry isn’t only about emergencies. Sometimes you need to fix cosmetic issues as well. The right dental practitioner will be capable of helping you with emergency dental situations as well as cosmetic ones. If you have a cosmetic issue that you want to have fixed in the Bergenfield, New Jersey area, then a dental professional well worth your consideration is Dr. Ehab Shahid of Bergenfield Dental.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures
Cosmetic procedures are dental procedures designed to change the aesthetic appeal of the smile, or rather to change the visual appearance. There are a variety of cosmetic procedures that you can utilize in order to improve your smile, including but not limited to dental bonding, veneers, crowns, enamel shaping, orthodontics, teeth whitening, composite fillings, gum reshaping, dental implants, dentures, bridges, gum grafts, smile makeovers and more. All of these procedures combined can be utilized in order to benefit your smile, you simply need to visit a dentist in order to start looking at the services necessary in order to help improving your smile one procedure at a time. Whether you’re looking for a couple of small fixes, or want to makeover your entire smile, working with a dental professional with whom you feel comfortable is the first step.

Are you ready to take the first steps in improving your smile through cosmetic dentistry? Give our office a call today at 877-987-SMILE or 201-384-0100 to find out about our cosmetic dentistry procedures and what we can do for you. We are waiting to hear from you.